Millennials are in line to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest living, adult generation. And, it’s happening in less than 2 years.

If your business is not consciously marketing to Millennials now, you need to be. Below are 5 things you must focus on if you want to successfully sell your brand to the rising generation.

1. Have a ‘Purpose-Full’ Brand

Millennials don’t reward brands that are solely profit-focused. They carry a strong moral identity and they prefer brands that do too. Evaluate the purpose of your business and intertwine it into your brand experience. Then, be sure your Millennial followers know about it.

2. Partner With People

The days of traditional marketing are dead and gone. Millennials can’t be bothered by print ads, television commercials, or radio talk. Enter, “Influencers”. Influencers are those with a strong social media following (preferably within your industry), who use their platform to promote products or brands to their following. Working with influencers walks a fine line between positive press and overpromotion. Millennials are hyper-sensitive to paid promotion, so use sparingly.

3. If Your Brand Instagram-Worthy?

Social media is the new SEO, especially when it comes to Millennials and how they consume content. Spend a majority of your marketing efforts on reaching your audience through social. This tactic will drive the most engagement between your brand and your customers, with the ultimate goal of building a lasting, trusting relationship.

4. Give Them A Response

Tying into the previous tip, use your social media platform to interact with your audience (in a timely manner). Millennials use social media as a way to stay constantly connected to their favorite brands. They will use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as a quick and easy medium to ask questions, and, they will demand an instant response. Be sure to have a staff member or a marketing agency in place to keep track of your engagement and respond to your audience in a timely fashion.

5. Transparency Is Key

Be transparent with your Millennial audience and meet them where they are. The new generation has the world at their fingertips, quite literally. They are constantly bombarded with information, from all directions. Cut through the noise, and meet your audience where they are. They will appreciate the effort and reward you with lasting loyalty.